The Online Ad Revenue Index

View digital display ad rates & publisher earnings from across the web.

Ad Revenue Index

The data displayed in the primary global ad revenue index chart above represents a normalized composite of ad rates paid by advertisers for display ads realized by websites across the globe, measured and charted by date. You can use the control at the bottom of the chart to change the viewable date range.

The index dynamically reports ad rate changes as numbers between 1-100; when numbers move up or down, observing multiple dates or date ranges, this represents directional percentage improvements or declines in the rates paid out to digital publishers as a result of advertiser competition, bidding, and market demand for digital display forms of advertising.

Note: Ad revenue reporting for the past 2 days is often delayed and may not show until all the data is current for the most recent dates.

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Ad Revenue Index FAQ

1. When is the index updated?

We aim to have the index updated by 9:30 AM PST daily. Sometimes, however, due to delayed reporting from ad networks, the index can be updated later in the day.

2. What does the value on the chart really mean?

The index score is a representation of EPMVs of thousands of online publishers, big and small, across all verticals.

3. Why EPMV?

You can read more about that here.

4. What time zone is the data in?

The index data is reported in US central time.

5. How do you know that this really represents the entire market?

We have a unique view of advertising prices across a wide variety of online publishers. Our data scientists have developed advanced statistical methods to best characterize the daily fluctuations of online advertising revenue.

6. Why did the index value change?

Each day, we publish an initial score based on preliminary data from our ad networks. The following day, we finalize all of our data and, if necessary, update the index score from the previous day.