The Online Ad Revenue Index

The chart below shows relative online ad rates by day with an index of 100 being the highest date in recorded history.
You can use the controls at the bottom of the index chart to change the viewable date range.
Note: The past 2 days are expected to shift up as revenue reporting for the past 2 days is still coming in.

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How The Ad Revenue Index Works

Online publishers often lack transparency regarding how their display ad rates are doing when compared to the rest of the market. Digital publishers experience natural fluctuations in their earnings from ads but most have trouble understanding if their increases (or decreases) in revenue over a particular time frame are specific to their site, or something affecting all sites. The Ad Revenue Index takes a statistically relevant sampling of global sites (of all sizes and demographics) and collectively indexes their ad earnings and displays them in a running real-time aggregate.

The Ad Revenue Index is a single metric served as a baseline to describe the state of the online advertising marketplace on any given day. Each day, the index calculates a daily index score by strategically sampling across our dataset of online ad impressions and consolidates the data into a single number on a 1 to 100 scale.

The index can help publishers determine if their ad revenue increases or declines are the result of universal market conditions or the result of something occuring within their own site.

Who Built The Index?

The index was built by data scientists that work at Ezoic. Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner that provides publishers with a free machine learning platform to test, optimize, and enhance their websites.

The Ezoic platform includes a flagship application that leverages artificial intelligence to test and deliver the optimal ad combinations to each individual user that visits a publisher's website. The application, Ad Tester, gives publishers the ability to maintain all existing ad relationships (ad networks, header bidding, AdSense, etc.), while providing the ability to deliver multivariate tested - and statistically better performing - ad combinations to each individual user who visits a page.

Ezoic created the index to help publishers better understand and contextualize their own data. At Ezoic, we believe that data should drive your most important decisions.

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Ad Revenue Index FAQ

1. When is the index updated?

We aim to have the index updated by 9:30 am Pacific Time every day. Sometimes, however, due to delayed reporting for ad networks, the index is updated later in the day.

2. What does the value on the chart REALLY mean?

The index score is a representation of EPMVs of thousands of online publishers, big and small, across all verticals.

3. Why EPMV?

You can read more about that here.

4. What time zone is the data in?

The index data is reported in US Central time.

5. How do you know that this really represents the entire market?

We have a unique view of advertising prices across a wide variety of online publishers. Our data scientists have developed advanced statistical methods to best characterize the daily fluctuations of online advertising revenue.

6. Why did the index value change?

Each day, we publish an initial score based on preliminary data from our ad networks. The following day, we finalize all of our data and, if necessary, update the index score from the previous day.